Team Black's archaeological certification program is largely centered around United States Cultural Resources Management. That being said, our training can be used across the world by almost anyone. The laws and regulations here are different but many of the subjects we teach are applicable nearly everywhere. Check your local requirements to see how Team Black training and certification can help you.

The "levels" for training below are roughly based on the professional levels within archaeology. As such, the types of things you'll learn in each level correspond to the career stage that you are in.

  • Level 1 (Field Technician): Learn the basics of archaeological practice, regulations, and artifact identification. For CRM Archaeologists you also learn interviews, living on the road, and other necessary skills.
  • Level 2 (Crew Chief): At this level you'll learn advanced artifact information and the beginnings of leadership and management.
  • Level 3 (Project Manager): Advanced field methods, dating methods, analysis techniques and an increasing stress on management and leadership are featured in Level 3. Some focus is also on proposal and report writing and business development.
  • Level 4 (Principle Investigator): This is currently the highest level of organization. Learn concepts related to proposal and report writing, leadership, management practices, and business development.

At Team Black you don't need to have outside qualifications to take our training. However, if you'd like to be certified by Team Black you will need to complete all levels up to and including the level of certification. We do not check educational background or work history since these vary depending on employment requirements. Employers should always do a background check on employees before hiring them.