10,000 Lakes Archaeology, Inc (Minnesota)


A&B Cultural Consultants. LLC (Colorado)


ACI Consulting (Florida)


ACR Consultants, Inc. (Wyoming)


Active Environmental Services, Inc. (Indiana, Michigan)


A.D. Marble (Pennsylvania)


AECOM (Nationwide)


Aina Pacific Consulting (Hawaii)


AKRF, Inc. (New York, New Jersey, Maryland)


Alexander Archaeological Consulting, Inc. (Georgia)


ALO Environmental Associates, LLC (Minnesota)


Albion Environmental (California)


Alpine Archaeological Consultants (Colorado)


AmaTerra Environmental, Inc. (Nationwide)


AMEC Foster Wheeler (Nationwide)


American Resources Group Ltd. (Illinois)


Analytical Environmental Services (AES) (California)


Anthro Research, Inc. (Montana)


Antigua Archaeology, LLC (Arizona)


Applied Archaeological Reseach, Inc. (Oregon)


Applied Archaeology and History Associates, Inc. (Maryland)


Applied Earthworks, Inc. (California, Oregon)


ARCADIS (Nationwide)


Archaeological Consulting Services (Northeast)


Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd. (Arizona)


Archaeological Consultants, Inc. (Florida)


Archaeological Resource Management Corporation (California)


Archaeological Resource Service (California)


Archeo-Tec Consulting (California)


ASC Group, Inc. (Ohio)


ASM Affiliates, Inc. (California)


Aspen CRM Solutions (New Mexico)


Advanced Technical Services for Archaeology and Anthropology (ATSAA) (Colorado)


AZTEC Engineering, Inc. (Nationwide)


Bear Creek Archaeology, Inc (Iowa)


Beaver Creek Archaeology (Western U.S.)


Bernardin Lochmueller & Associates, Inc. (Indiana, Illinois and Missouri)


Bighorn Archaeological Consultants, LLC (Utah)


Birchwood Archaeological Services (New York)


B.L. Companies (Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland)


Black Drake Consulting (New York)


Bolton & Menk, Inc (Minnesota)


Brian F. Smith and Associates (California)


Brockington and Associations (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina)


Burns and McDonnell (Missouri)


Cardno ATC (Nationwide)


Centennial Archaeology, Inc. (Colorado)


Chambers Group, Inc. (California)


Chicora Foundation, Inc. (South Carolina)


Christine Davis Consultants, Inc. (Pennsylvania)


CH2M Hill (Nationwide)


CITY/SCAPE: Cultural Resource Consultants (New York)


Coastal Carolina Research (North Carolina)


Cogstone Resource Management (California, and beyond)

Commonwealth Cultural Resources Group, Inc. (Michigan, Wisconsin, New York)

Owns: Coastal Carolina Research, Sagebrush Consultants, and John Milner Associates


Compass Rose Archaeological, Inc. (California)


Condor Country Consulting (California)


Corn Island Archaeology (Kentucky)


CRC, International Archaeology & Ecology, LLC (Texas and Louisiana)


CRM TECH (California)


CSA Group, Inc. (various U.S. locations, Puerto Rico, Caribbean)


Cultural Heritage Research Services, Inc. (Pennsylvania)


Cultural Resource Consulting Group (Washington)


Cultural Resource Management Services (California)


Cultural Site Research and Management (Maryland)


Cultural Surveys Hawai‘I (Hawaii)


Cypress Cultural Consultants, LLC (Georgia, South Carolina)


Desert West Environmental (Utah)


Dovetail Cultural Resouce Group (Virginia)


Dynamic Environmental Associates, Inc. (Nationwide)


DIGTECH (Nevada, California)


DUDEK (California)


Earth Search, Inc. (Southeast U.S.)


EBI Consultants (Nationwide)


ECI & Western ECI (Nationwide)


Ecology and Environment, Inc. (New York)


EcoPlan Associates, Inc. (Arizona)


ECORP Consulting, Inc. (California)


ECS Corporate Services, LLC (Nationwide)


Edge Consulting Engineers (Wisconsin, Minnesota)

Edwards-Pitman Environmental, Inc. (Georgia, North Carolina)


Elizabeth Anderson Comer/Archaeology (Maryland)


EMH&T Inc. (Ohio)


Environmental Corporation of America (Nationwide)


Environmental Planning Group, Inc. (Arizona)


Environmental Resources Management (ERM) (Nationwide)


Environmental Science Associates (California)


Environmental Services, Inc. (North Carolina, Georgia and Florida)


EnviroSystems Management, Inc. (Arizona)


Epsilon Systems (California)


ERO Resources (Colorado)


Espinoza Consulting Services (Colorado)


Ethnoscience, Inc. (Montana)


Far Western Anthropological Research Group, Inc. (California, Nevada)


Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc. (Connecticut)


Florin Cultural Resource Services (Wisconsin, Minnesota)


GAI Consultants (Eastern U.S.)


Garcia and Associates (GANDA) (Western U.S., Hawaii)


Geoarcheology Research Associates (Northeast)


Geo-Marine, Inc. (Texas)


Gray and Pape (Ohio, Virginia)


Greenhouse Consultants, Inc. (New York, Georgia)


Gulf Coast Archaeology Group, LLP (Texas)


Gulf South Research Corporation (GSRC) (Southern U.S.)


Haun & Associates (Hawaii)


Hardlines Design Company (Ohio)


Harris Environmental Group, Inc. (Arizona)


Hartgen Archeological Associates, Inc. (New York, Vermont)


Hawai'i International Environmental Services, Inc. (Hawaii, Colorado)


HDR Engineering, Inc. (Nationwide)


Heberling Associates, Inc. (Pennsylvania)


Heritage Consultants, LLC (Connecticut)


Heritage Research Center, Ltd. (Montana, Colorado, Washington, Maryland)


HHM Inc. (Hardy-Heck-Moore, Inc) (Texas)


Hicks & Company Environmental, Archeological, and Planning Consultants (Texas)


Historic Archaeological Research, Inc. (Indiana)


Historical Research Associates, Inc. (Montana, Washington)


History, Inc. (Georgia)


HNTB (Nationwide)


Horizon Research Consultants, Inc. (West Virginia)


Hunter Research, Inc. (New Jersey)


ICF International (Nationwide)


ICI Services (Northeast)


Insignia Environmental (California)


International Archaeological Research Institute, Inc. (Hawaii, Guam)


In Situ Archaeological Consulting, LLC


IVI (Nationwide)


Jacobs Engineering Group (Nationwide)


Kautz Environmental Consultants (Nevada)


KCI Technologies, Inc. (Pennsylvania)


Keala Pono (Hawaii)


Kise Straw & Kolodner, Inc. (Pennsylvania)


Kleinfelder (Nationwide)


Laguna Mountain Environmental, Inc. (California)


Landau Associates (Washington, Oregon)


Landmark Archaeological and Environmental Services (Indiana, Kentucky)


Landmark Archaeology, Inc. (New York)


LaPorta and Associates, LLC (New York)


Lawhon & Associates, Inc. (Ohio)


Legacy Research Associates, Inc. (North Carolina)


Lone Mountain Archaeological Services, Inc (New Mexico)


Logan Simpson Design, Inc. (Arizona and Utah)


Loucks Associates (Minnesota)


LSA Associates (California)


Mannik and Smith (Michigan, Ohio)


Marron & Associates, Inc (New Mexico)


Maser Consulting P.A. (New Jersey, New York)


McCormick, Taylor and Associates (New Jersey)


Merjent (North Dakota, Minnesota)


Mesa Field Services (New Mexico)


Metcalf Archaeological Consultants., Inc. (Colorado)


Michael Baker Corp. (Nationwide)


Midwest Environmental Consultants, Inc (Illinois)


Monadnock Archaeological Consulting, LLC (New Hampshire)


Montgomery Archaeology Consultants, Inc. (Utah)


Moore Archeological Consulting, Inc. (Texas)


Mustardseed Cultural and Environmental Services, LLC (Missouri)


New South Associates (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida)


Niwot Archaeological Consultants, Inc. (South Dakota)

North Wind, Inc. (Nationwide)


Northern Land Use Research (Alaska)


Orbis Envirnomental Consulting (Indiana)


P-III Associates (Utah)


Padre Associates, Inc. (California)


PAST (California)


Paciulli, Simmons & Associates, Ltd. (Virginia)


Pacific West Archaeology, Inc. (California)


Paleowest (Arizona)


Paleosolutions (California)


Panamerican Consultants, Inc. (Alabama)


PanGIS (Nationwide)


Pathfinder CRM, LLC (Minnesota)


PAR Environmental Services, Inc. (California)


PCR Services Corporation (California)


P.E. LaMoreaux & Associates, Inc. (Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi)


Plateau Archaeological Investigations (Washington)


Plymouth Archaeological Rediscovery Project (Massachusetts)


Power Engineers, Inc. (Nationwide)


Powers & Teremy LLC (New York)


Prentice Thomas and Associates (Florida)


Prewitt and Associates, Inc. (Texas)


Professional Archaeological Service Team (Ohio)


Public Archaeology Survey Team, Inc. (Connecticut)


R. Christopher Goodwin and Associates (Maryland, Louisiana, Florida)


Red Horse (California)


Red River Archaeology, LLC (Texas)


Resource Science and Planning (RSP) (California)


RETTEW (Pennsylvania, New York)


Richard Grubb & Associates (New Jersey)


Rio Salado Archaeology (Arizona)


Rincon Consultants Inc. (Western U.S.)


Rivanna Archaeological Services, LLC (Virginia)


RK&K (Northeast)


RMC Consultants Incorporated (California)


S&ME (Southeast U.S.)


Sagebrush Consultants, LLC (Utah)


SAIC (California)


SCI Engineering, Inc. (Missouri)


Scientific Consultant Services, Inc. (Hawaii)


Scientific Resource Surveys, Inc. (California and Alaska)


SEARCH Consultants (Nationwide)


Skelly and Loy, Inc. (Pennsylvania, North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland)


Solano Archaeological Services (California)


Southarc, Inc. (Florida)


Southern Research Historic Preservation Consultants, Inc. (Georgia)


Southwestern Environmental Consultants, Inc. (Arizona)


Stantec Consulting, Inc. (Arizona, California)


Statistical Research Inc. (Western U.S.)


Stell Environmental (Pennsylvania)


Summit Envirosolutions (Minnesota)


Surveys Unlimited Researh Associates (SURA) (Louisiana)


SWCA, Inc. Environmental Consultants (Western U.S.)


Tectonic Engineering and Survey (New York)


Terracon (Georgia)


Terranext (Georgia)


Tetra Tech EC, Inc. (Nationwide)


The 106 Group, Ltd. (Minnesota)


The Louis Berger Group - Cultural Resources (Nationwide)


The Ottery Group (Maryland)


The Public Archaeology Laboratory, Inc. (Rhode Island)


The RBA Group (New Jersey)


Tierra Right of Way Services, Ltd. (Arizona, New Mexico)


Tom Origer & Associates (California)


Transcon Environmental (Arizona)


TRC (Nationwide)


T.S. Dye & Colleagues, Archaeologists, Inc. (Hawaii)


Two Pines Resource Group. LLC (Minnesota)


UltraSystems (California)


UWM-CRM (Wisconsin)


Versar, Inc. (Nationwide)


Wapsi Valley Archaeology, Inc. (Iowa)


Weaver & Associates, LLC (Tennessee)


Western Archaeological Services (Wyoming)


Western Cultural Resource Management, Inc. (Western U.S.)


Western Land Services (Michigan, Wyoming, Kansas, Utah)


WestLand Resources, Inc. (Arizona)


William Self Associates (WSA) (California)


Zia Engineering & Environmental Consultants LLC (New Mexico, Iowa, Texas, Nevada, Oregon)

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