Team Black's geological certification program is being built in conjunction with professional geologists that know what knowledge is required to work in this industry. Not everything is learned in an academic setting and not everyone that needs to understand geology get's a geology degree. The levels below are designed to teach anyone that needs to know the basics of geological principles so you can apply them to your field.

  • Level 1: Learn the basics of geology.
  • Level 2: Intermediate field geology.
  • Level 3: Advanced field geology and lab methods.
  • Level 4: Senior-level geological theory and practice.

At Team Black you don't need to have outside qualifications to take our training. However, if you'd like to be certified by Team Black you will need to complete all levels up to and including the level of certification. We do not check educational background or work history since these vary depending on employment requirements. Employers should always do a background check on employees before hiring them.

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