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Amerindian Perspectivism:  Shamanism, Animism, and Indexical Animals with Dr. Alan Garfinkel

Amerindian Perspectivism:  Shamanism, Animism, and Indexical Animals 

with Dr. Alan Garfinkel

This is a webinar from Team Black - you’ll receive a link a day or two prior to the webinar. Join in from anywhere you have a computer and internet!


No physical location - this is a webinar!

1 Hour for the presentation - 1 hour for questions with Dr. Garfinkel!

Advanced Anthropological Studies Webinar Series

Dynamic Lecture and Visual Aids.

This presentation provides a unique insiders’ view of breakthrough research on AmerIndian religious metaphor and cosmology.

Through compelling visual aids and a dynamic lecture you will personally connect with one of most recognized and scholarly researchers known worldwide for his research on indigenous religious metaphor, Native American iconography, shamanistic ritual ceremonialism and artistic representations. 

This opportunity provides you with:

Unpublished first-hand accounts of startling, new research that rewrites the history books relating to shamanist art, AmerIndian religion, and animal ceremonialism.

Updates and cutting edge information on little known aspects of Native American religious practices, rituals, beliefs, ceremonies, and world view.

The presentation highlights the most intimate studies relating to inner workings of American Indian cognition and religious perceptions, ritual metaphors.

The webinar provides snapshots of the intricate Native ceremonial life throughout the Americas, including California, Great Basin, American Southwest and Mexico.

Seminar Outline

  • World Religions vs. Hunting Religions – Similarities and Differences

  • Native American Cultures and Ideology

  • Power in Nature

  • Shamanism

  • Animal Beliefs

  • Cyclic Concept of Time and Regeneration

  • Animals, Bones and Hunting Magic – Increase Rites

  • Case Studies

About Dr. Garfinkel


Dr. Alan Garfinkel is a California and Great Basin anthropologist/archaeologist principally known for his work with the Native peoples of California and the Great Basin and for his studies of Native American rock art of the Far West. He has been recognized for his pioneering anthropological studies as the recipient of the 2008 and 2011 California State Governor’s Award for Historic Preservation.

He received his Bachelor’s degree at California State University, Northridge and his MA and Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis. Dr. Garfinkel is currently a cultural resource management consultant with AGG Associates and serves as President of the California Rock Art Foundation.  He has served as Principal Investigator for cultural resource preservation projects totaling $10.5 million dollars.

He is the of  author of five books including Archaeology and Rock Art and Handbook of the Kawaiisu and has published 50 scientific articles in academic journals in North America, India, the United Kingdom, and Australia. He has been an invited guest scholar to universities in California, a research facility in Colorado, a forum in Mumbai, India and to the University of Guanajuato in Mexico., an international scholarly exchange consisting of 29 million users and including 8 million research papers is the largest electronic platform in the world for academic digital sharing.  Dr. Garfinkel is ranked among the top 2.0% its contributors worldwide.