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Peopling of the Americas: Models of Migration into the New World

Advanced Anthropological Studies Webinar Series

by Dr. Alan Garfinkel

Peopling of the Americas Webinar
Let's Start Learning!

This presentation provides a unique insiders’ view of breakthrough research on Peopling of the Americas including the latest research, newest findings, revelatory theories, cutting edge discoveries, and alternative models.

Through compelling visual aids and a dynamic lecture you will personally connect with one of most recognized and scholarly researchers known worldwide for his research on indigenous prehistory in the Americas. 

This opportunity provides you with:

Unpublished first-hand accounts of startling, new research that rewrites the history books relating to the Peopling of the Americas – including new finds and substantive evidence of pre-Clovis discoveries.

Updates and the very latest information on little known aspects of genetics, linguistics, archaeology, anthropometry, geology, and paleo-environmental reconstructions. 

The presentation highlights the most compelling information providing substantive evidence for the timing and character of the initial in-migrations into the New World.

Outline of Seminar

  • Debate:  Pre-Clovis and Clovis First, Where are we Now?  

  • Land Bridge vs. Watercraft

  • Geological Obstacles, Lithic Technology, Genetics, and Language

  • Watercraft:  Pacific, Australia, Oceania or Atlantic

  • Bering Strait, Beringia, and Mckenzie Corridor

  • Deglaciation and Migration Route Timing 

  • The Age of Clovis – Beginning, End, Variability, Technology, Geographic Variability

  • Clovis in North America:  Distribution and Character

  • Problems with the Clovis Concept

  • Monte Verde, Chile

  • Land Migration Routes and Timing

  • The Kelp Highway and Paleo-Coastal Migration

  • The Atlantic Solutrean Model

  • Mitochondrial and Nuclear DNA

  • Linguistic Prehistory

  • The Younger Dryas Clovis Impact Event

  • Oldest Dated Rock Art in the New World

  • Summary and Overview:  What we Know and What We Think We Know

Peopling of the Americas Webinar
Let's Start Learning!