Peopling of the Americas Webinar


Peopling of the Americas Webinar


This presentation provides a unique insiders’ view of breakthrough research on Peopling of the Americas including the latest research, newest findings, revelatory theories, cutting edge discoveries, and alternative models.

Through compelling visual aids and a dynamic lecture you will personally connect with one of most recognized and scholarly researchers known worldwide for his research on indigenous prehistory in the Americas. 

Let's Start Learning!

Outline of Seminar

  • Debate:  Pre-Clovis and Clovis First, Where are we Now?  

  • Land Bridge vs. Watercraft

  • Geological Obstacles, Lithic Technology, Genetics, and Language

  • Watercraft:  Pacific, Australia, Oceania or Atlantic

  • Bering Strait, Beringia, and Mckenzie Corridor

  • Deglaciation and Migration Route Timing 

  • The Age of Clovis – Beginning, End, Variability, Technology, Geographic Variability

  • Clovis in North America:  Distribution and Character

  • Problems with the Clovis Concept

  • Monte Verde, Chile

  • Land Migration Routes and Timing

  • The Kelp Highway and Paleo-Coastal Migration

  • The Atlantic Solutrean Model

  • Mitochondrial and Nuclear DNA

  • Linguistic Prehistory

  • The Younger Dryas Clovis Impact Event

  • Oldest Dated Rock Art in the New World

  • Summary and Overview:  What we Know and What We Think We Know