WEBINAR: Coso Shamans and Black Glass Traders


WEBINAR: Coso Shamans and Black Glass Traders


This presentation provides a unique insiders’ view of breakthrough research on Coso rock art and hunter gatherer religious metaphor.

Through compelling visual aids and a dynamic lecture you will personally connect with one of most recognized and scholarly researchers known globally for his research on world class Coso rock art.

This opportunity provides you with:

Unpublished first-hand accounts of startling, new research that rewrites the history books relating to Coso shamanism and prehistoric hunting religion.

Updates and cutting edge information on little known Coso rock art sites unseen by the general public.

The presentation highlights working hypotheses on Coso rock art relating to connections with the American Southwest and Mexico examining deep time interconnections between the ancient Uto-
Aztecans and eastern California.

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Outline of Seminar

Hunting magic and animal ceremonialism

Shamanism and vision quests

Oral traditions and sacred narrative

Coso Range rock art – character, age, ethnic affiliation, meaning, and function

Decorated animal humans

Yahwera– Animal Master of the Netherworld

Hunting weaponry

Synthesis, interpretations

Moon goddess and primordial pilgrims panel

Understanding deep time Uto-Aztecan Cosmology