Artifact and Feature Illustration on a Tablet

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Illustration Webinar.jpg

Artifact and Feature Illustration on a Tablet


Are you wondering about digital site recording but don't think that EVERYTHING can be done on an iPad? Well, join the crowd. It's a common misconception. In this class I'll show you just one of the ways you can illustrate artifacts, profiles, plan views, and just about anything on an archaeological site.

What we'll be using:

  • Apple iPad 12.1 inch
  • Apple Pencil
  • Graphic App for iPad

What you'll need:

  • Nothing, if you just want to learn and be awesome!
  • An iOS device
  • Graphic for iPad

A stylus or the Apple Pencil is NOT NECESSARY - it does make things a little easier, though.

What if I have an Android device? NO PROBLEM. Graphic doesn't work on Android, but, these techniques will.

What if I'm using another APP? NO PROBLEM! These techniques will work on just about any app.

Space is limited!

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